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Custom Frosted Window Decals

  • Fully Customizable  ●Provides Privacy  ●Indoor and Outdoor Use


A frosted window decal is an image or graphic created from a sheet of translucent vinyl material that has a "frosted or "etched" appearance. These decals are designed to be transparent enough to let light through a window yet opaque enough to offer privacy. Design options for frosted window decals include reverse cut vinylstandard cut vinyl and blank frosted. Each design option displays your custom message or graphic in a unique way.



Custom frosted window decals provide an elegant, professional appearance at a low cost and will last up to five years with proper installation and care.

Frosted vinyl window decals can be used both indoors and outdoors and are often used to display company logos, advertise products and promotions, offer general business information, and provide privacy for company boardrooms, offices, and retail storefronts.


Frosted glass vinyl film provides privacy and endless stunning design options


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